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The summer school will consist of six topics:

  • Understanding  of climate change issue
  • Climate Change Policy and  Governance
  • EU policies, aims and strategies
  • SEE problems and aims
  • Green energy & green economy
  • Energy planning

The 9th Summer School will provide a direct training on the most current important issues related to the EE and RES.

As a matter of fact, the Summer School is completely dedicated to contribute to the sustainable development of the whole South East Europe through the improvements of the expertise of the young students and professionals of the area and the production of a shining example of climate change governance and energy planning.

Few selected trainers will be present during the whole summer school teaching participants how to do energy planning aiming sustainable development. Participants will work on practical assignments divided in teams, based on concrete input data. Apart of trainers, in field experts from EU and Region will give lectures on specific topics.

The participants will have to prepare a presentation on issues regarding climate change, renewable energy and energy efficiency in their countries based on guidelines which will be delivered afterwards to selected participants. One presentation per country will be prepared which will lead to early introduction between participants.

The summer school will be held within traditional manifestation Days of Carbon Reduction (DAKAR) for SEE. Apart of the summer school, numerous other events will be held within DAKAR. One of the most significant event is three days international conference

“Green development in South East Europe in function of climate change mitigation and adaptation”. Presentation of results of international projects will take place within DAKAR (TEMPUS projects, cross border cooperation etc).

It is expected that about 100 participants will be in DAKAR events. Therefore, it will be excellent opportunity for networking. Aiming enhancement of networking, the organizers will prepare programme of social activities.