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The overall objective of the Training was to provide representatives of consultants’, ministries and funds with the knowledge and skills required to prepare comprehensive environmental applications including a long term environmental investment plan and in accordance with the BAT principles and other requirements of integrated pollution prevention approach.

Specific objectives were:
• To present the key requirements of the IPPC/IE Directive;
• To build the knowledge and skills of consultants to assist industry;
• To understand the principles, processes and techniques used for the assessment and management of industry´s environmental emissions and impacts;
• To be practically prepared to assist Industry in preparing applications for environmental permits;
• To be aware of new practical tools (standard formats) for Environmental Applications and Permits;
• To have exercised in the use of the new practical tools;
• To be aware of practical pitfalls and opportunities; and
• To have knowledge about legal background for applications and permits.

Expected results were:
• Increased know-how of consultants and representatives of ministries/funds;
• Increased number of adequately trained consultants;
• Increased knowledge about the IPPC/IE Directive;
• Improved services from local Consultants to Industry;
• Improved communication between the Industry and ministries/funds; and
• Improved environmental protection and performance of industry.