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Many consulting companies had an interest for this seminar, and were willing to send more of their employees (3-4). This topic (environmental permitting) is very popular and actual. However, legislation covering IPPC permitting is still not in place in B&H and industries undergo the same procedure regardless of capacity and activity. In later stage, when there will be a clear differentiation of installations in terms of their capacities and consequently their environmental impact, there will be a need to organize similar seminar, both for consulting companies and industries, along with permitting authorities on entity level. It is also a good practice to have all stakeholders together at one place, so that they have opportunity to directly ask questions and communicate, since it will be a crucial part of future permitting process.

In the meantime, there is also a need to organize seminars on related topics. Namely, in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina there is in force Decree on fees for air polluters. The Environmental Fund collects these fees and invests those funds into different environmental projects. However, there are some gaps in calculation of yearly emission, which are the basis for determination of fees to be paid by a certain polluter.

It would be very useful to organize a seminar for consulting companies performing emission measurements and preparing annual reports for operators, which would cover calculation of emission, methods for calculations, preparing reports, etc.

In addition, the current Rulebook on emission monitoring will be amended and new provisions will be entered, which have intention to interconnect the Decree and the Rulebook for stronger enforcement. This will then create a space for additional training of consulting and measuring companies.