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It was originally planned to hold training on mountain Vlašić near Travnik. However, during training preparation organizers decided to change the location, in order to assure substantial number of participants. Namely, organizers were in doubt because of the costs that participants needed to cover (transport and accommodation) and majority of targeted companies were in Sarajevo.

Thus, attendance of the seminar was very good, interest was great, and there was even a need to reject some participants of the same organization in order to stay within planned number.

Participants were representatives of consulting companies from Sarajevo, Tuzla, Istočno Sarajevo, Zenica, Mostar, and Osječani, and representatives of Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism and Federal Environmental Fund, see Annex 4 – List of attendees attached.

Mr. Đorđe Stefanović presented requirements of IPPC/IE Directives and percentage of their transposition into national legislation. He also stressed the necessity of amending existing and enacting of new legislation, in order to comply with Directives` requirements.

Ms. Gabrijela Kovačić presented a current practice of issuing IPPC permits in Croatia. They started with that process two years ago. She spoke from the aspect of the consultant, authorized for preparation of IPPC applications. She presented several applications of their industries and highlighted difficulties they had in determining BATs for certain industries, assigning emission limit values and monitoring requirements.

Mr. Boško Nikov gave more general presentations of what is required by the application form and how complex is the process of assigning emission limit values for certain industry taking into consideration requirements of BATs which are more stringent than those prescribed by the Directive.

Participants were very interested in the presentations, discussions were very vivid and there were a lot of questions asked. There were especially lot of questions asked during group work and afterwards, while discussion of results was carried out (see Annex 3 – Tasks for group work). Participants realized that IPPC permits were something completely different than current permitting practice, that they have to cooperate both with industry and authorities and to consult and understand BRREF documents on Best available techniques at all time, in order to go deeply into all issues specific for individual industry and activities. They all expressed their satisfaction with the seminar and were positive that information they got will by all means help them in their future work and that this kind of seminars are very helpful.

Participants were all very satisfied with the subjects covered during the workshop, with the experience and knowledge of the presenters, and with examples presented, along with difficulties they experienced during implementation of these issues in their countries. Answers on all questions in the evaluation form were positive (YES). Please, see Annex 5 – Evaluation form.