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The SEE Capitalization Thematic pole Low Carbon Communities meeting will be held at Fojnica, Bosnia and Herzegovina (50 km from Sarajevo), at Aquareumal resort in the framework of the ‘Green Development in South East Europe Challenge of Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation’ Regional Conference organised by REIC. 
Fojnica has been chosen because it is an example of how renewable energy can enable sustainable development in local communities – there are four small hydro power plants and geothermal energy is used for heating in the municipality. The resort where the conference will take place uses geothermal energy for heating apartments and the water in swimming pools. The venue provides good networking opportunities for participants.
Accommodation and all programmes will be in touristic complex of Aquareumal (www.aquareumal.ba).
Participants will be accommodated in ‘TERRA’ apartments. This apartment is normally for two persons: 45 m2, sleeping room, living room with kitchen, bathroom. 
two persons in TERRA - full board accommodation is about 40 euros per person
one person in TERRA - full board accommodation is about 55 euros per person.
Please don’t forget to highlight in the registration form or via e- mail if you wish to be alone in the apartment or if you share it with another participant.  
How to get to Fojnica 
Fojnica is about 50 km on north-west from Sarajevo. (Get directions)
Getting to/from the Sarajevo airport by direct public transportation you can take Bus #36 to Nedžarići (1.6 KM). The bus stop is located on the main road outside the airport parking lot. At Nedžarići, you can change for a tram to the city centre (1.6 KM). Bus #36 runs about every 30 minutes. Service hours are 06:00-23:00 Mon-Fri, 06:00-08:00 and 14:00-18:00 Sat and 08:00-15:00 Sun. 
Alternatively, take the tram to the Ilidža terminus and get a Nr. 37 bus (to Grbavica), the airport is the second stop (also on the main road across the parking lot). 
The town of Fojnice is very good connected with Sarajevo by bus line 1 and bus line 2while by car from the airport from the road A1 then R442 turn to Fojnica. 
Please note that separate transport is being organized from Sarajevo to Fojnice (and vice versa). As such, don’t forget to mark your arrival time and flight (or other means) to Sarajevo.  
IMPORTANT: When travelling, please remember to keep and store all papers related to your travel and accommodation (including original plane/railway tickets, boarding cards, all invoices etc.), because you will need them for the reimbursement of your travel and accommodation costs.